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Thursday, July 18, 2013

People Actually Read This?

     So I just logged on here, as I do from time to time, and decided to check out my stats. Apparently, this blog got 81 hits in the past month. I know that doesn't sound like a big deal, but you have to keep in mind the fact that I haven't posted anything in over a year. I'll bet most of them were from my one follower, but I'll take it anyway. I got to thinking, and for the life of me, I can't remember why I started this in the first place. I think it had something to do with wanting to document my growth throughout college, or thinking chicks would dig bloggers. Turns out, most of my growth in college is best documented orally so there's not physical proof it happened, and if chicks do dig bloggers, I haven't learned it yet. Whatever.
     I'm in the middle of one of the most hectic summers of my life: my last one before I graduate college (hopefully). So far it's been a prime example of growth. I'm working with some interesting people (you don't care), I'm drowning in my 3 classes (you're not interested), and I still don't have my life together (you just picked your jaw up off the ground from that bombshell). Maybe I'll get it together one day, who knows.
     One thing I do know is that the best way to get me post on this blog is to tell me I have a paper due tomorrow. I don't know, focus has just never been my forte. Apparently, neither is emotional stability. My sociology professor predicted yesterday that I would end up divorced. Not sure if that's because she can read my aura, because I told her I wanted to go into federal law enforcement, or because she's been talking with my sister about my love life. Probably the last one, my sister has no faith in me.
     I move into my new house on the first. It's got a nice porch, so you're probably jealous.
     And last but not any more least than the rest of the garbage I post on here, I'm obsessed with DOTS on the iPhone. Seriously, it's the best game ever. You're just connecting dots of the same color, hoping to get 4 in a row and knock out the entire group. Y'all keep obsessing over your Candy Crushers, I'm investing my time in a man's game. Deal with it.
That's it. Make sure you come back soon for next year's edition.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Young, Wild, and Free

Ciao ragazzi!
Oh snap, oh snap, oh snap, 2 blog posts in the same year! It must be the end of the world. LOL JK. I just really want to get back into this. So, we almost died Monday. It was raining and we had to get to lunch so we bought these umbrellas. Then the guys selling them tried to say a girl owed them money. This was a false statement, or in the words of my roommate " Non è vero.". She got ready to call the cops, which was enough to make them disappear. The food here is amazing, so maybe I'll finally gain some weight. It's still hitting me that I'm living in Italy for a month. I can't believe I've gotten this opportunity, and I'm trying my hardest to make the most of it. Hopefully as the month goes on, these blogs will have actual topics, but right now I just want to get back into the habit of posting. Cheer for me! My class is about to go see some famous castle, but I don't know what it's called. Friday we're doing Italian karaoke (whaddup to Tess and Anneliese!). Saturday we go to the Amalfi Coast. I'm mad excited about that. They have stuff planned for us every day, so these posts might always be short. I'll try to write them in between and then just transfer when I can get to this internet cafe. They just played Young Wild and Free. Now they're playing Payphone(whaddup Tess and Nick!). I love this place.
Don't give up on me,

Monday, May 28, 2012

Quella Che Sarà Sarà

So, I was looking through some old text messages the other day, and I found one where Nick Broadway told me to get back on my blogging. Truth be told, I just about forgot I had this thing. Oh well, quello che sarà sarà. If you don't know what that means, you might not know any Italian. Do I know any? Enough to go to Italy for the summer. What up?! I got here Thursday, or Wednesday central time. I spent 3 days in Rome, saw the Vatican, the Coliseum, the Pantheon, and the Trevi Fountain. It's been amazing. Now I'm in Salerno for a month, taking 200 level Italian. I just took the placement exam to see which class I'll be in. It's probably gonna be the most basic one. Oh well. I'm gonna try to keep you guys updated. This is just a reminder post so I'll look in my recent pages and see this and be like "oh yeah, I have a blog!". Ciao! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Food for Thought-Let's Start Offending

August 2009: I arrive at my dorm at the University of Mississippi and meet my roommate for Freshman year.
September 2009: In a casual conversation, my roommate states that he doesn't see much use for religion in today's society, saying that he believes philosophy trumps it.
Fall Semester 2009: This conversation is repeated several times, and I take the hint that he doesn't have an interest in church.
Spring Semester 2010: I begin going back to church, after a hiatus while I rejoiced not being told to go by my parents. I mention this to my roommate, and he repeats his lack of interest, but says he respects my choice. Not wanting to cause a conflict, I don't mention it again, unless he is asking where I'm going on a Wednesday night. I pray for him once or twice, but never invite him to anything church-related.
May 2010: The school year ends, and we part ways.
June 2010: I visit my old roommate at his new apartment. We hang out for a few hours with another friend, during which I never mention church.
August 2010: I run into my old roommate at lunch while with a mutual friend. I am now living at my church's student center. We talk for an hour. Again, I never invite him to church or mention it.
November 12, 2010: I see my old roommate at a friend's party. We talk from 10:00 PM that night until around 1 the next morning. I never mention church.
This is the last time I see him in person.
February 11, 2011: I have a brief text conversation with my old roommate. I do not mention church.
This is the last communication I have with the person I lived with Freshman year.
January 15, 2012: at Gulf Coast Getaway, an annual campus ministry conference in Panama City Beach, I ask for prayers from my group to give me the strength to invite people I know to church, even if it offends them.
Today, January 19, 2012: I browse through old Facebook pictures, and come across one that I took of my old roommate when we saw a celebrity in the dorm. Curious as to what he's been up to, and maybe at least subconsciously thinking about my recent prayer request, I click on his profile.
10 seconds later: I see many posts on his Wall saying how much people miss him and wish he was still with them.
8:05 AM: I learn that my old roommate was killed in a car accident 4 days ago. I have no idea where he stood in his relationship with Jesus Christ.
Now: I'm siting in my room with this feeling that's both empty and yet still full of pain. We never were very close, and we didn't see each other much after we moved out, but this was a person I lived with for roughly 9 months. This was a person that God put in my life to help and to bring to Christ, and I let the opportunity slip right through my fingers because I was afraid of causing conflict with the person I had to live with that year. If nobody ever reached him with the Message, then where is he now? And, is it my fault?
If there is someone in your life that you feel even the slightest urge to talk to about church or God, do it. Don't be afraid of offending them or irritating them. It is the job of every follower of Christ to offend. Our life is not meant to be an easy one, full of respecting boundaries. It is meant to be a radical one of telling the story of our Savior, and bringing home all of His lost children, no matter what the cost. God did not intend for us to be a timid people, He intended for us to be warriors on his battlefield, soldiers in His war, giving up everything to follow Him and teach others how to do the same. We will never be worthy of his sacrifice or his gift, but we will be even less so if we allow ourselves to sit by quietly and watch loved ones as well as strangers fall into the hands of Satan. As a follower, to truly call yourself a friend of someone must be to impress upon them the importance of their relationship with Christ, though they may hate you for it, though you may lose them for it. In the end, the gain of them in Heaven is worth the temporary loss of them on Earth.
Let's start offending,

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Food for Thought-Political Incorrectness

Question: If you saw something at the park that walked like a duck, and talked like a duck, what would you call it? I would call it a duck. What about a car designed by Ford with the logo of a horse? It's a Mustang. These are facts. So why do we have trouble calling things what they are when it might make somebody uncomfortable? There's a line between honesty and inappropriateness, and we're so afraid of crossing that line that we've given it complete control. I'll be the first to say we shouldn't intentionally be rude or disrespectful to others, but we each have to be able to speak our mind. It's not only the fact that we have become afraid of stubbing toes, it's the fact that society has become conditioned to be extra sensitive to completely appropriate statements. Take race for example. As a black person with a group of friends that includes many white people, who I value and appreciate, I am constantly amazed by their misguided attempts to be sensitive to the fact that I am a minority in the group. I can think of countless occasions where one person has been telling a story, and when it comes time to describe a person involved who happens to be black, they feel the need to turn to me and say "No offense". We discussed this recently. It's not the fact that you interacted with a black person and wanted to describe them as such that offends me-feel free to describe every character: the blonde, the short guy, the atheist-it's the fact that you don't consider us to be good enough friends that you can say what's on your mind. If a black person has wronged you and you're angry about it, don't apologize to me, just get over your anger. You wouldn't apologize to me if the person you were angry with was a Republican( yes I consider myself a conservative most days). Equally irritating is when a stranger wants to correct you so you don't offend somebody. While sitting in a dentist's waiting room with my father recently, a black lady sitting near us commented on how much alike we looked, except for my lighter shade of skin. "Your mom must be light-skinned", she assumed, to which I responded, "she's white." This woman, whom I had never met, told me in a stern voice not to say 'white', as if she was my mother herself. I gave her the most sarcastic look I could muster and said, "sorry, Caucasian". Where's the difference? Isn't 'Caucasian' a synonym for 'white'? I won't say 'automobile' when it's more convenient to say 'car', and this is no different.
Where's this rant coming from? I'm taking a Topics in Film class, where we study drama through plays and movies, and I just finished reading "Oleanna" by David Mamet. It is about a female student who is having trouble in a class, and the male professor who decides that he can help her get an 'A' through private lectures in his office after she helps him realize how he failed her. She asks why he's helping her, and he says because he "likes her". Later in their conversation, she becomes upset and he places a hand on her shoulder. She reacts negatively and files a complaint against him, costing him his tenure. She calls him sexist and elitist, all because he said he liked her, surely as a professor likes an interesting student. It disgusts me that professors can no longer teach and help students for fear of losing their jobs. If it had been a woman teacher who said she liked her, I doubt anything would have been done. In this day and age, we have become so sensitive that compliments are considered assault, and you can no longer tell someone of the opposite gender that they look nice today. Honesty has taken a back seat to compassion, and it will lead to nothing good.
I could easily go on forever with this topic, so I'll just end here.
Thanks for reading,

Monday, July 25, 2011


Clearly, I'm no good at this blogging thing. I lack the self-discipline and motivation. Maybe I shouldn't have made such a big deal about it, because now it feels like a responsibility, and I avoid responsibility like Charlie Sheen avoids reality...hey Chuck, hate to break it to you, but orange doesn't rhyme with mush.
Anyway, I'm sure you're all dying to know what's going on in my life. Well, I got a job...which is, I added a major...which means I'll be paying off more loans...I've seen a lot of really good movies...which means my funds are low right now...sorry bank account! But seriously, this has been a really good summer. I made some new friends, which means I picked up new bad habits, but I'm also working on dropping some others(bad habits that is, not friends, even though you should always be prepared to make that choice, difficult though it may be). I've started making serious choices, but I still have others to make, and I'm in the process of praying about them(I hope you'll all pray with me). I've learned valuable lessons that I don't plan to forget any time soon(but the lack of activity on this blog is proof of my terrible memory). I've decided to start writing stories again, I'm thinking about getting back into music, and I'm juggling the possibility of making a movie...not a real movie, just a low-budget indie documentary with a played-out deeper meaning. It'll be all the rave at the next Sundance Film Festival...or at least the next Oxford Film Festival...or at least my blog.
So the summer's almost over, and pretty soon it'll be back to school(because let's face it, summer school doesn't count). Hopefully I'll have a new job, and maybe I can find some good study habits at Goodwill. I have to, because this bare minimum thing isn't gonna cut anymore.
Not much of a blog, I know, but at least now you all know I'm still alive. I'll try to blog again soon, but let's be real, what's the likelihood of that?
I'm your huckleberry,

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Rondo, Kobe, Lebron, Joakim and Steve Nash

The above picture was taken on our last day in Haiti. One of the kids insisted that he was Kobe Bryant. I don't like Kobe Bryant, but I love these kids. So I adopted the name Rondo, Andrew became Lebron(not crazy about him either), and two other kids decided they wanted to be Jaokim Noah and Steve Nash(I'm indifferent about both.) I can't wait to go back.